Free PPI Claims Free PPI Claims Thu, 06 Dec 2012 09:08:46 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How to make free PPI Claims? Mon, 05 Nov 2012 03:20:33 +0000 freepp Many consumers ask this question on a regular basis, just how do you make free PPI claims? Having been put off by the hefty upfront fees and charges which were being charged by some claims management services many consumers across the United Kingdom are now looking towards the cheaper or free alternatives to making a PPI claim, ensuring they get as much of their money back as possible.

When you start the process of making a free PPI claim you will first need to identify the payment protection insurance policy which you are claiming on and why this particular policy was mis sold. It is important to note that although the majority of PPI policies were in fact mis sold there are some cases where the policy was sold in the correct manner so you should ensure that before applying for your money back that you are fully certain your policy was mis sold to you.

Check all of the loans and credit cards you have taken out for instances of payment protection insurance, credit protection insurance and payment cover as you may have been sold a policy without realising it. If you know you have had a policy but no longer have any of the details regarding the policies then you will need to contact your bank directly and requires the information.
Once you have all of the policy details and importantly, the reason the policy was mis sold to you it is then necessary to write to the bank or lender that sold you the payment protection insurance policy. This is relatively simply to do if you choose to use some of the many materials available. For instance, there are many PPI claims letter templates available to download and edit with your own information and these can be completed in a matter of minutes for each claim that you need to make. You will need to cover all the ways in which the payment protection insurance policy was miss sold to you and the best way you can do this is include as much information as possible to back up your claims. Once complete you will simply need to post these to the complaints department of the bank of finance company that sold you the payment protection insurance.

Secondly there is also the questionnaire from the Financial Ombudsman Service which can be downloaded from the Financial Ombudsman Service website. This asks you all of the possible questions about your payment protection insurance policy and covers all the ways in which a PPI policy could have been miss sold and as it is simply filling in a form and answering some questions it is one of the easiest ways in which you can make one of the free PPI claims. You need to then send the completed PPI questionnaire with a letter to your bank or the credit card company. The addresses for the complaints departments for each bank are all on their own websites. You will need to do this for every PPI claim you are wishing to make so it may result in it being quite time consuming.
If for some reason your PPI claim is rejected by the bank then you will need to appeal if you still believe your claim is justified and further to this you may have to take your claim to the Financial Ombudsman. You will also be required to contact the Ombudsman if your claim is not handled by the banks in a timely manner and you have been waiting for more than 6 weeks for your claim to progress.

There are many pros and cons to free PPI claims which need to be considered before you proceed to make sure that you are making the right decision in regards to how you should make your PPI claim back. The main pro is the fact that claiming yourself is completely free with no up front or commission taken off your PPI claim pay out and this is what attracts many claimants. The amount of time that the single PPI claim takes is generally the same regardless of whether you claim on your own or use a PPI claims firm if you have the ability to address any potential concerns the bank may have when you make your payment protection insurance claim.
Free PPI claims are not for everyone and there are cons to this process particularly for those who have a complicated PPI claim. Those that are making multiple payment protection insurance claims may find the claims procedure exceptionally time consuming as they will have to write a claims letter or fill in the Financial Ombudsman survey for each individual claim

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Why use a PPI Claims Company? Mon, 05 Nov 2012 03:16:22 +0000 freepp A specialist claim firm can prove to have many advantages that your own research would not necessarily be able to achieve. For example, it will show a clear understanding of the way banks react, claims specialists will be able to tactically pick up on the deception and expression each bank and their complaints handling department has. PPI claims companies know the way banks deal with complaints and they know how to act back, always protecting the customer. PPI claims companies also have a strong insight into how much a claim is worth, enabling them to claim the maximum level of compensation. There is no need to escalate a claim, since the Financial Ombudsman Service is presently immersed by complaints that have been escalated for review. Even though FOS are doing a great job, they cannot deal with this amount of complaints in a timely manner. As the British Bankers’ Association currently seeks judicial review for the way payment protection insurance complaints are dealt with, many individuals face a stalemate for many months. It is imperative that customers understand that our PPI claims company is full of professional negotiators with skills that are priceless when it comes to getting the most from a payment protection insurance claim.

Our PPI claims company has great reputation for getting high compensation payouts in a short period of time. If you are interested, start your claim today.

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Was I Mis-sold PPI? Mon, 05 Nov 2012 03:05:52 +0000 freepp You may have been mis-sold PPI if you can answer yes to any of the following questions:

- You didn’t ask for PPI but it was added to the policy regardless

- You were told that adding PPI was compulsory or that you had a better chance of acceptance

- You were not aware payment protection cover was optional

- You were Unemployed, Retired or Self-Employed when the protection was taken out.

This is not an exhaustive list and there may be other reasons why you should start up a PPI claim, fill in the form to the left and we will contact you to see if you have grounds to start a PPI Claim. See our PPI claims section for additional information.

The banks became increasingly devious when trying to add PPI to your loan so they may have given it a different wording to try and disguise it. This was mainly due to them giving large performance based bonuses to their staff for getting you to take out PPI cover.

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What is PPI? Mon, 05 Nov 2012 03:02:03 +0000 freepp PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) is insurance that covers your repayments if you cannot meet them for any reason, for instance accident, injury or being made redundant from your job. Payment Protection Insurance may have been sold to you on any credit product including loans, credit cards, store cards, mortgages, car finance etc. It was mis-sold in many cases and you may be able to make a PPI claim to get your payments back!

PPI can add up to 40% onto your loan repayments and this is nearly all profit for the banks which is why they often wrongly pushed people into adding PPI to a credit agreement. In April 2011 the banks had a decision regarding the selling of payment protection insurance go against them and they have now set-aside billions of pounds for compensation payments. Lloyds TSB have set aside £3.2bn and RBS a massive £1.05bn to deal with PPI refunds. These are two examples which show the magnitude at which PPI was mis-sold to consumers across the industry.

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